February 8, 2020

Artificial Vision 3.0

The IEEE ENISo Student Branch is organizing the third edition of the Artificial Vision Challenge onĀ  April 1, 2020.

The competition is based on Computer Vision, which is a subfield of artificial intelligence that aims to enable a machine or a computer system to analyze and process a scene or phenomenon from one or more images taken by an acquisition system. For example cameras, or other specific sensors.

In this challenge, teams composed of 3 to 5 engineering students are invited to design an embedded Artificial Vision system. The challenge is open to all engineering schools.
And as usual, Exciting prizes await the winning team of this challenge.

All thematics in the Computer Vision Field will be accepted, but preferably in these mentioned below:
* Smart Cities
* Industry 4.0
* IoT
And as usual, exciting prizes await the winning team of this challenge. Representatives from companies who work in the field of Computer Vision will be invited. So don’t miss this chance to prove yourself and convince them of your project idea!
More details about the competition are available in the registration form :