April 6, 2020

International Events

IAS Annual Meeting 2018

Our dear Member Marouene Sassi lands in USA to participate in the IAS annual meeting held on September 23 to September 27, 2018 in Portland, USA. 
We are so honored to receive  the Outstanding Large IAS chapter award and  congratulations to our dear IEEE ENISo Student Branch. 

IAS Annual Meeting - 2017

Congratulations for the successful participation of 27 IEEE IAS Tunisian student members in the 52nd IAS Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, OH, USA!

Participants are from ENIG, ENIM, ENIS, ENISo, INSAT, ENIT, ISSATSo, and ULT.

MESYP - August 2017

We had the honor to participate in the MESYP congress 2017, where we had the chance to meet the IEEE president Mrs. Karen Bartleson and many other IEEE Members from all about the World. #MESYP2k17  #IEEE

R8 SYP - August 2016

The IEEE R8 Student and Young Professional Congress is the largest student event in all Region 8. It occurs every two years and gathers both students and young professionals members from all Sections in this Region. SYP’s main goal is to enhance and foster the engineering sense and capabilities through different activities both technically and culturally. It also provides an opportunity to network.
We, IEEE ENISo SB had the pleasure to participate in the  2016 version of the Congress which was hosted by the IEEE Student Branches Regensburg and Passau in Regensburg, Germany from the 17th to the 21st of August 2016. 

2nd PES Congress - August 2016

The participation of the IEEE ENISo SB in the second edition of the PES Congress held on 15-17 of August 2016 at RHR Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.