April 9, 2020

Local Events and Activities 2020

TSYP ENISo Elective General Assembly

As a partner organizer of the TSYP’8, The IEEE ENISo Student Branch held on the 5th March an elective General Assembly to vote for the candidates who postulated as heads of the TSYP’8 Committee.
We want to say congratulations for those who had the majority of the votes and hard luck for the others. 
Dear ENISo TSYP Committee, along with our ENIG partner , we believe that you will make this edition a huge success. Best of Luck!

IEEE Infosession

On the 2nd of March, the IEEE ENISo SB held an infosession animated by our dear member Mr. Khoubeyb Layouni, where we talked about the IEEE and the benefits offered to the IEEE Student Members as well as many others opportunities that we should not miss. 
The infosession was closed by rewarding the members of the Month who worked hard during the last period and showed great devotion to our Student Branch.
We are so proud to have such motivated members! Keep  going <3
And thanks Mr.Khoubeyb Layouni for the pieces of information you gave us 


ENISo WIE SAG Love Booth

“The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love.” – Henry Miller
We were so pleased to see you all today and we hope that y’all had the chance to express your feelings
Letters will be sent tomorrow to the people concerned
Don’t forget to love as much as you breath!

Coffee Talk - ENISo WIE SAG

Today would not have been as fun and exciting without you . Thank you so much for coming and adding a such wonderful energy to our event
A special thanks to our dear professors Mrs Saoussen BEN JABRA & Ms Aroua FATHALLAH

Training Session - ENISo PES SBC

PES ENISo SB chapter in collaboration with Aerotronix Club ,organized a LoRa training session.
The two-day training workshop was conducted by Makerlab,on 8 and 9th of February,2020 ,in Makerlab local.
The main objective behind this session is to get the attendees who are all engineering students ,discover the technology of LoRa ,to get the essential ins and outs and to understand how key procedures of this technology works from start to end and what’s in between.
The training program was conducted successfully and fruitfully .

Coffee Talk - ENISo Student Branch

It was a blast hanging around with you and spending such quality time together! You guys are amazing day after day, you prove that you are the most wonderful IEEE family
A memorable evening where we had the chance to get to know each other well, but most importantly share a lot of laughs together.
Keep shining members the road is still long and a lot of work is waiting us?? let’s keep it up you dears are the wonderful secret of this SB
– the IEEE ENISo SB Executive Committee –

General Assembly

On the 22nd of January, the IEEE ENISo SB has held a general assembly in order to discuss the second semester activities with our members :

  • We highlighted the importance of keeping the IEEE account up to date and the benefits that they can take advantage of
  • We talked about the projects planned by our Chapters
  • We announced the event of the semester which is the third edition of the Artificial Vision Challenge:  this event is the highlight of this semester , and will be held on the 1st of April , 2020 . 
  • The work has already began and the link of form to join the organisation team was posted in our group . Details are provided in the description of the form

TSYP'7 : Outstanding Victory General Assembly

And here was our Celebration for the TSYP’7 victory
Thanks dear members for sharing with us these moments. Congratulations to the TSYP’7 Hero members and our dear Ambassador for their hardwork to make this year’s participation unique. Thank you dear alumni members for honoring us with your presence and the positive vibes and the precious advice you gave us
Wishing all the best of luck to our dear Student Branch for the TSYP’8
– IEEE ENISo Student Branch –